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Keep Your Home Warm – Avoiding Mould in Your House

18 May Rental First

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When the whole house is warmer, condensation is less likely to form. Maintain low background heat when the weather is cold or wet.


  • Do NOT block permanent ventilators
  • Do NOT completely block chimneys. Leave a hole about 2 brick size and fit a louvered grille over the opening.
  • Do NOT draught proof rooms where there is condensation or mould growth.
  • Do NOT draught proof a room where there is a gas cooker or fuel-burning heater. Eg: a gas heater
  • Do NOT draught proof windows in bathrooms or kitchens
  • Do NOT put furniture against cold external walls


  1. Treat any mould you have already, then do what you can to reduce condensation. This will restrict mould growth
  2. DO NOT disturb mould by brushing or cleaning, this will cause the mould spores to spread and inhaling the spores is not good for health.
  3. Wipe off mould growth immediately when you see it. DO NOT USE washing up liquid
  4. To kill and remove mould wipe down affected areas with disinfectant exit mould or Glen 20. Glen 20 kills the mould, it will turn darker, then wipe off. Follow LABEL instructions.

THE KEY is to WIPE moisture + HEAT rooms + VENTILATE rooms.

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2 out of 2 series